Alissa & Grant Wedding

When I started my photography business my main focus were family sessions. But I love learning and challenging myself all the time.
That’s why I followed an in person Wedding Workshop in November 2020 by the amazing Twig&Olive Photography and I got even more online education geared towards Wedding Photography. I knew I wanted to be ready in case I had received wedding inquiries.
Which I did. Grant’s mom, Kelly, was working at my daughter’s Middle School when she messaged me telling me that she loved my work and that her son was goin to get married in October 2021, so she wanted to know how much I would have charged for the event. That turned out to be my very first big Wedding. Both the ceremony and the reception were held at a friend’s house on Casey Key. I think it was meant to be like that. The bride and groom, Alissa&Grant, were lovely and incredibly sweet. And so were their families and all the friends and guests who were at the Wedding.
Not to mention that the bride has the exact same name as my daughter (and I mean spelled the same way too!!). Grant arrived to the house with a boat (how cool is that?!), the Ceremony was very simple, full of love and tears. I had the honor of witnessing their vows, their forever promises, their love for one another. At the end of the Ceremony, we walked to the beach to take some couple photos and we also had some fun moments there with the whole Wedding Party! Once we got back to the house, the yard had been completely transformed for the Reception. Food was served and the DJ started playing music and directing all the fun moments for the rest of the evening. They all danced, laughed and, at times, cried.

I was so happy to be there and to be the one in charge of capturing their most important day. I truly put all of myself in everything I do and photographing a Wedding is such an important event in my clients life that my aim is to pour all of myself into their day and be the best that I can possibly be at what I do. They loved their images, they were very patient while waiting for their Gallery and had beautiful words of gratitude for me after receiving their photos.
This whole experience made me so happy and I can’t wait to have more Weddings like this to come. Thank you Alissa&Grant 🙂




Hello, my name is Kendra, my family and I moved to sunny Florida in 2018 from Italy. I was born in Napoli, which is my favorite place in the whole world. I lived for a few years in Portugal and in the Canary Islands. I have always loved photography and it was during all those years spent abroad that I decided to study it and truly make it an essential part of my life.