Family Photographer, a young husband and wife hold their three kids close in a dry grassy field

The Killion Family

Returning clients are one of the best compliments I can get.

I met Melissa and her beautiful family for the first time during my first Christmas Mini Session event here in Florida in 2020. I had setup my red couch and my Christmas tree on the beach for those Minis, which were a great success! We had immediately a wonderful connection.

She had been referring other families to me after their Mini Session, and I am so grateful for that.

Then in October 2021 she reached out to me telling me that she wanted to book an extended Family Session in December while her in laws were in town. And I was so happy to have the chance of shooting this gorgeous family one more time!

We met at Lido Beach, my favorite spot around here, and let the magic happen for the 1 hour session they booked. The weather was on our side gifting us with a gorgeous sunset and an incredible sky!

Every time I am shooting clients at the beach I now find myself looking at the sky and giggling inside when I know that that particular sky will be so amazing in my images. I always expose for it, in order to save all its beauty and have it shine in my images after the editing process is completed. And when that sky shows up…it’s truly breathtaking every time! So, here’s some images from their session.

I was incredibly happy with the end result and so were they. Their kids are gorgeous (how couldn’t they be?) and that makes my job even easier!

We had a lot of fun, but don’t give me wrong, they had their moments of being not so happy during the session, and that’s okay. I love playing with kids and I do my best to connect with them and make them smile and have fun, but we cannot pretend that all kids will be smiling and joyful for the whole time. They are kids, with their moods and their ups and downs and it is up to me as photographer to direct the whole family in a direction where hopefully those bad moods will be momentarily and the smiles will be back on their faces. And even if they won’t smile, well….they will be who they are at that time and I will be capturing that essence, That is always my final goal: bringing joy and great emotions to my clients while they will be looking at their images 🙂



Hello, my name is Kendra, my family and I moved to sunny Florida in 2018 from Italy. I was born in Napoli, which is my favorite place in the whole world. I lived for a few years in Portugal and in the Canary Islands. I have always loved photography and it was during all those years spent abroad that I decided to study it and truly make it an essential part of my life.